Choosing the Perfect Flowers for your Wedding Day

When it comes to choosing your Rhode Island wedding flowers nothing should be considered exactly right or completely wrong. Your flower choice should be as unique to you as your special day. If you are not sure what you want, study bridal magazines and gardening books or take a trip to a green house. This way you can discover exactly what plants and flowers appeal to you the most. You may also want to explore the various symbolic meanings of various blooms so that you can carry a bouquet of lilies that represent purity and sweetness along with peonies for happiness and prosperity. For classic wedding flowers, you cannot go wrong with roses, hydrangeas and orchids.

Before you approach a Providence florist it is vital to figure out how much money you have to spend. The number of guests you have invited will determine how many centerpieces you will want. The size of your wedding party will determine how many bridesmaids will need bouquets and how many boutonnieres you will need for the groomsmen. If you are having a flower girl, she will also need flowers of her own. It is also traditional to provide corsages for mothers, grandmothers and special aunts. Additionally, you many want a floral arch for the service itself.

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It is also important to select the right color flowers to compliment the bridal gown and the bridesmaid dresses. If you consider seasonal availability when selecting your colors, you will accomplish the biggest visual effect for the smallest price because seasonal flowers are always a better value. Also consider what the flowers will have to compete with in the church space or outdoor area so that they will be certain to stand out.

The largest and most outstanding bouquet in the wedding party belongs to the bride. White remains the most popular color for a bridal bouquet, but any color the bride wants can be used. Basically, the bouquet should match and enhance the gown. A long flowing wedding dress should be accompanied by a flowing bouquet. Satin ribbons, pearls and crystals can also be added to a bouquet.

Wedding arrangements can be simplistic or extravagant and ornate depending on the wedding. Most importantly, they should look as if they have all been fashioned especially for the bride.

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